The Perennial Mea Culpa Bulletin

November 25, 2007

Sorry again folks, for the sporadic updates.
Hell, they’re so infrequent, you may well file Kill Ugly Radio under dead links.
Not much music grabbing going on, these days. I could live for years on some of the stuff I have now. I’m still going through voluminous piles of music that I get from friends, comrades and other sources.
Although I don’t do too much blog surfing these days; some blogs worthy of note:

Mutant Sounds – You know ’em, you love ’em. Mutant Sounds makes me feel stupid. I pride myself on having had a fairly liberal weird music education, but I’m embarrassed as hell to admit that nearly 95% of the stuff they post is completely unknown to me. I hope that doesn’t diminish my image any.

Dual Track – Loads and loads of golden age industrial music and post punk, with the occasional unclassifiable tidbit, here and there. Really top-notch shares here. I was able to fill some gaps in my S.P.K. collection thusly.

Kill Your Pet Puppy – Don’t really. It’s the name of an amazing collection of articles, zine scans and singles downloads, much of it concerned with early UK Anarcho-Punk and oddballs like Television Personalities. They also have a crapload of old Crass radio interviews, many centered around the infamous Reagan/Thatcher prank tape debacle.

Breaking news: Slobodan over the pond from me has gotten a nifty assortment of scanned Zines (Scan-zines – sounds cool, dunnit?). Right here: www.punksishippies.com

Just to make up for all the missed posts, here’s a video:

The God Bullies – Cemetary

And here’s a SeeqPod playlist I rolled up for ya’ll:
Right here



  1. May I advertise? Sure (lol) – http://www.punksishippies.com 😉

  2. Thank you very much for the kind words about my little blog and also for noting the occasional unclassifiable. Your blog was one of the inspirations that led me to do what I do! Cheers!

  3. Dead links, my ass. I still check out Kill Ugly Radio each day– or at least run over the live bookmark and see if you’ve updated. Always a good time– thanks for the site with the Crass interviews, those sound cool!

  4. 🙂 I found the Accused album as torrent – but will upload it this week on Only In It For The Music. La la la la la music is best!!! Yes

  5. Awe shucks, Moniker, Dual.
    You flatter me!
    It’s good to know people are reading and checking up.
    I appreciate it!

  6. http://rapidshare.com/files/72857174/Accused.zip.html Enjoy!

  7. I come here all the time, man!

    is one of the only blogs that matters!

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