1. I actually Googled to find out if it was just me, and found your post.

    I agree on all counts. The delays appear to be caused almost exclusively by attempts to load ads from several independent servers. I’d actually prefer a (very low-cost) paid ad-free membership to the current state of affairs.

    The content on AMG has always been worth waiting for, since the reviews don’t seem to be written or influenced by the people who distribute the music, but at this rate ordering paper copies of the various All Music Guides would be quicker and even easier to “navigate.”

  2. Thanks for the mention about my interview with Cheb. I had a lot of fun talking with him and I’m glad more people get to listen in.

    Hope I’m not being obnoxious but I wanted to let you know that March 21 I’ll be have Ninja Tune recording artist Amon Tobin on the show accompanied with a retrospective mix of his musical career so far.


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