Radio-Activity Update: Seven Hours, Seven Souls

February 24, 2008

I’ve done it now.
I am on board to do a seven hour radio marathon on musician Bill Laswell on the 21st of March, as part of KBOO‘s spring pledge drive.
I keep thinking I’m dreaming and that I’ll wake up or that it won’t happen, but no….
…It’s in the listener’s guide now, so it’s for real.
Here’s the proposal I wrote:

Nothing is TrueEverything is permitted

A Bill Laswell Pledge-drive special

On Friday, March 21st, join The Outside World for the Seven Hours, Seven Souls pledge drive special, while we explore the vast body of work of Brooklyn musician, producer and agent of chaos, Bill Laswell.
From the downtown New York upstart Jazz Funk outfits Material and Massacre, to the extreme metal of Praxis and Painkiller, to his many dub permutations and ambient vexations, to his many World Music excursions and to too many genre-hopping collaborations to list here, we’ll barely scratch the surface of his intimidating discography, but will take you on a voyage through more musical tangent points than you thought possible.

Join us from 11PM to 6AM, for Seven Hours, Seven Souls: The Music of Bill Laswell.

Some points of interest:

* Material
* Massacre
* The Golden Palominos
* Praxis
* Buckethead
* Otomo Yoshihide
* Brian Eno and David Byrne
* John Zorn
* Divination
* Jah Wobble

and many more…

I have plenty of Material (pun intended), but am still nervous. Regular host of the show I’m hijacking – Daniel Flessas – will be out of town and across the US, so I’m flying solo, sort of. Oh, well. I also have no shortage of people willing to help out, so it’ll be swell and we’ll all have a fun time.

Be sure to listen on Friday, march 21st, from 11pm to 6am, for the Bill Laswell: Seven Hours Seven Souls pledge drive extravaganza (who’s bringing the extra vaganza, Daniel?).

KBOO is at 90.7 FM in Portland and SW Washington and is streaming on the web at kboo.fm.



  1. Glad you liked the show!

    I’ve got an interview with wunderkind Amon Tobin and a retrospective mix of his musical career coming out late March that I think you’re going to love. But it’s Amon Tobin, so how can you not love his stuff?

  2. […] radio show. In 2008 I:Had my baptism by fire with my seven hour Bill Laswell marathon (March 21st/Link)In October, I hosted a three hour special on the band Laibach (October 10th/Link) and was fortunate […]

  3. it was a great and righteous task … i sort of envy you for it … keep on with the good things and destroy all rational thought or something along that way – shouts from berlin – srb of xac

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