Seven Hours, Seven Souls Demo

March 2, 2008

Been busily working away at getting ready for my upcoming special on the 21st; toiling away at previewing tracks and experimenting with mixes and the like.

I spent a good chunk of time in the studio practicing my mix and planning it all out.

Here’s a brief taster of the upcoming show.

Download (62 mins. 85 megs)

All listings by time, track, album, artist:

  1. 0:00 – Distal Sonarity – Somnific Flux – Laswell/Harris
  2. 3:30 – Collision – Day of the Robot – Buckethead
  3. 11:29 – Evil Eye – Ambient Dub Vol. II – Divination
  4. 18:19 – Soul Killer – Seven Souls – Material
  5. 22:30 – Kingdom Come Suite – Hear No Evil – Bill Laswell
  6. 33:15 – Tarab Dub (Wasteland mix) – Exstasis (by way of Manifestation comp.) – Nicky Skopelitis
  7. 43:25 – Alam Dub – Radio Axiom – Laswell/Wobble
  8. 48:55 – Water Bass – Sacrifice – Divination
  9. 55:23 – As We Used to Sing – Ask the Ages – Sonny Sharrock

Unfortunately, the computer gods saw fit to cut off nearly half an hour of my demo, towards the end. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll see if I can retrieve it at a later date and will re-upload it.

Also, a big shout-out to Kevin, who I got to hang out with Friday night during the Outside World. He runs Eclectic Grooves, a blog I’ve been visiting for quite a while now. It’s weird to run into blog-comrades in the flesh. We talked music and the ups and downs of music-blogging and helped fuel Daniel’s mix with chicken and chicken related songs.

You had to be there.


One comment

  1. Hey Rich. Thanks for the shout man. It was cool to hang with you during Daniel’s show. I would like to get on the air a little more, but haven’t had much of an opportunity so far. He gave me a small window to play a few songs about a month ago, but I’d really just like to have my own show. Friday seemed to have a pre-planned idea for the show- being the chicken theme.

    I’m going to start doing podcasts on my blog pretty soon, so be on the lookout for that. Have fun with the Material show man. Also, just posted a pretty cool mix last night. Check it out!

    Take care, Kevin

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