Speaking of Chickens…

March 3, 2008

Here’s a big chunk of last Friday’s Outside World program, featuring an interview with chicken entrepreneur Aaron (sic?). All kinds of secrets and wonders of the domestic fowl are revealed herein. There’s nearly 90 minutes of music and mayhem related to chickens and eggs, including music by Slim Gaillard, the Maddox’s, Colonel Sanders, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Hasil Adkins, The Meters and much, much more.
If you want to forgo the chicken talking, the chicken music kicks in at around 17:30 minutes.
I didn’t edit it too much, as I thought it would give you a good glimpse of what this long-running program offers on a typical night.
As host Daniel Flessas says: “I come in and make the coffee…” – and a show just happens.

Download (1 hour, 42 mins, 116 megs)

The coolest video ever, found by Daniel. We watched awestruck, while the audio was potted up on the board.

Rufus Thomas does The Funky Chicken


  1. […] managed the great escape so onto our next adventure. She felt that she needed twww.travelpod.comSpeaking of Chickens?? Here??s a big chunk of last Friday??s Outside World program, featuring an interview with chicken […]

  2. Hey man! I didn’t realize that you were recording the show. This is awesome. I think I will compile a chicken song mix tape on Eclectic Grooves, as there are probably a bunch more that we didn’t use that night.

    Take care, Kevin

  3. Oh yes,
    The Gangster Computer Gods record everything.
    I am just the humble keeper of the files.
    A chicken mix would be awesome! I used to have a mix tape that I made in the nineties that had lots of chicken songs that I used to amuse the right coworkers and irritate the deserving coworkers.
    Looking forward to hearing your mix!

  4. hey there chardman!!!

    so long since i’ve been around my favorite blogs (like yours)– i loved this video so much, waaahahaaa ::))

    great to see you’re still in the groove here — my head’s been immersed in second life since october, so i’ve not spent any time with my blogging but hope to get back into it now that i’ve found a pace i can manage with my virtual reality interests 😉

    keep up the great work here!

  5. So that’s where you’ve got to….
    Been listening to you and hubby’s work from the Utility Kitchen.

    I make my solo radio debut this Friday at 11pm on KBOO, where I am playing Bill Laswell non-stop for seven hours. I’ll have help and hopefully the radio gods (as my mentor Daniel calls them) will be with us.

    Say hi to my dead and abandoned avatar in SL!
    Couldn’t get the hang of it and this one life is giving me more than I can manage, at the moment 🙂

    Peace out!
    Rich L.

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