The Jimi Hendrix of the Mouth Harp

March 11, 2008

Holy crap, is this amazing!
I found this guy’s music completely by accident cruising Craigslist for music gear I can’t afford to buy.
He was selling a number of stompboxes and a mixer I’ve always wanted. His ad contained links that steered me to a CDBaby site and lo and behold if there isn’t a whole album of little ditties all composed of heavily processed mouth harp, better known in less genteel society as the Jew’s harp.

His name is Bruce W. Hodges and he plies his trade under the nom de plum T.H.E. E.J.H. (Not sure what the first acronym is about). He’s a Portlander, as well.
It’s amazing stuff! There’s a bit of sameness to most of the tracks, to be sure, but they pleasantly sound as if they came from the same planet as the Dr. Who theme. What makes this even more amazing to me is that he doesn’t seem to come from a hipster school of calculated weirdness. He seems to have arrived at this particular style of music independent of knowing anything at all of industrial music, noise and all other schools of audio-skullfuckery:

I became a Christian in 1974 a couple years after I was introduced to the harp. And all those years I managed to think the good Lord might have actually given me this thing for a reason. For five years now (02 – 07) I have gathered a variety of mixers guitar effects processors microphones etc.. But I could not sit down and play without discovery new sounds. This should be impossible. But I kept imagining what would it sound like if!!!!! And, that’s right! Bigger mixers and lots of patch cord spaghetti. Oh yeah! only one problem now.  A bazillion sounds have come and gone, but nothing has been recorded. IT’S LAPTOP AND RECORDING PROGRAM TIME.

And I thank bajeezus he did, too, for his is some of the weirdest music I’ve heard in a while, especially when you consider that he arrived at it on his own.

Check out his tuneage on his site.

He also has a MySpace page!


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