Eric Clapton Re-imagined as a Free jazz Guitarist

March 17, 2008

Fucking brilliant video wherein a Finnish smartypants has dubbed his own guitar playing over Eric Clapton’s pseudo-soulful histrionic posing:

Late last year a Finnish media artist named Santeri Ojala got a lot of attention for a series of hilarious YouTube videos in which he lifted concert footage of various guitar heroes and overdubbed his own intentionally awful playing. The bad musicianship was funny enough, but the verisimilitude made it even funnier: Ojala was great at matching each player’s hand movements and timing, and he sprinkled lukewarm applause and other sound effects throughout. The videos were like alternate-universe versions of rock-god cliches.

I think Clapton’s a pretentious, boring twit, so it’s doubly funny for me.

More here.

Found at Boing Boing


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