Another Radio/Volunteer Marathon Weekend

March 30, 2008

Holy crap, am I tired!
I wrapped up my busier-than-usual work week with a double – make that triple – duty volunteer gig down at KBOO: I dropped in for my routine community calendar production gig at 5pm; got done with that in time for some pledge drive phone bank work and just had time to run through the music library to pick out some music for my show that went from 12AM to 3AM. When I got off after 3, I reasoned that it was probably too snowy at my house and I was tired as hell, so I checked into a flea-bag motel and crashed long enough to get up and do my volunteer gig at FVTV. So I never really got any decent shut-eye ’till I got home around 5:30 in the afternoon.
Why couldn’t I have been doing this crap when I was in my twenties or thirties, when I had a little more energy? Oh yeah. I was raising small children.
It’s amazing, though.
When you’re doing creative things, an incredible amount of energy is available.
I had a lot of fun doing the show. Got a lot of enthusiastic response from callers. I didn’t plan any of it; I simply grabbed CDs that looked interesting. I originally planned on doing a show that more or less was like usual host Daniel’s music, but was too pressed for time to plan anything. I managed to get it audio archived, but lost the last hour due to a technical glitch at home.
I will make it and a half-assed playlist up shortly.


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