New Look, New Thrills. Now the Excitement Really Begins….

Updates, Etc.

I have updated my look a little bit.
You can still glance at wonder at this blog’s namesake here.
I re-upped my hodge-podge of an audio experiment retrospective album here.
Kevin of Eclectic Grooves (Check out his amazing Ornette Coleman boot while there!) fame let me know that I had neglected to link to the audio file of part two of my radio extravaganza here. It’s fixed now, and has even more vaganza than before.

I am on vacation for a spell, here at my mountain enclave. A black bear got into our garbage can and spread about two weeks of garbage across the lawn (we aren’t voracious consumers, so between composting – no doubt the big bear attractor – and recycling, we only generate one can of garbage every two weeks). Hopefully none of my neighbors will decide to shoot him or her, although our cats are going apeshit.

If time allows, I will edit up the Laswell special and put bits of it online, for those of you who are up for the download.

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