Free Master Musicians of Jajouka bootleg

And it’s officially endorsed by them, to boot.
You can get it at their official MySpace presence, if that sort of thing grabs you.
Visit it here.
Recorded on their first European tour in 1980 with then-leader Hadj Abdeselam El Attar (current leader Bachir Attar’s father), this was released by Staalplat against the wishes of the band in the early Nineties. Apparently there’s a schism between two dueling factions of Musicians, with the Attar-led performing under the more traditional spelling of the village name (Jajouka) and one that trades with the misspelled name that came about from Brian Jones famous album Brian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan At Joujouka.

In either case, this is an amazing album. I really recommend listening to it. The last track Arraks Peht Al Komar pt.2 is amazingly hypnotic.

UPDATE: For more background on the Musicians, go to this link to hear a fascinating BBC4 documentary on them, which provides much background and interviews with folks involved. <Link to download>

Thanks to The Master Musicians of Joujouka for the tip.


  1. Thanks for this – even though I read many ugly things about Attar and his bad reputation with the other part (the “Joujouka’s”) – it’s nice to see some Moroccan music appear on a eclectic blog like yours!

    Lucky me! 😉

  2. april 8 In fact this is not a boot leg and Jajouka is a commercial miasma of rip off of our people.However we believe in art and work with artists see below.

    Master musicians of Joujouka

    William Burroughs Master Musicians OfJoujouka Brion Gysin Hans Christian Andersen Opening

    Today the show of Cut Up works by William Seward Burroughs and Hans Christian Anderson opened in Dublin, Ireland. One of the exibits is the Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville’s “Dreamachine” courtesy of the The Musée d’ Art moderne de la Ville de Paris.

    The soundtrack for this exsperiance is the Master Musicians of Joujouka’s 1995 release Joujoujka Black Eyes. This Dreamachine is one of nine created by Gysin and Sommerville.

    The Master Musicians of Joujouka are proud to be associated with this exibition.

    Cut-Outs and Cut-Ups: Hans Christian Andersen and William Seward Burroughs
    Cut-Outs and Cut-Ups: Hans Christian Andersen and William Seward Burroughs

    Writers’ Less Famous Works in Paper
    The Irish Museum of Modern Art is delighted to announce the opening of the new exhibition Cut-Outs and Cut-Ups: Hans Christian Andersen and William Seward Burroughs, in the New Galleries on Wednesday April 9th. This exhibition is the first to compare these legendary writers and fascinating, but little-known, visual artists. Hailing from different origins and different periods, Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) and William Seward Burroughs (1914-1997) nevertheless shared many significant connections. Both were highly productive and revolutionary writers, intrepid travellers and larger-than-life personalities who developed important collaborative relationships. Key to the 124 works in this exhibition is the artists’ mutual engagement with cutting-out pictures and stencils which involve silhouettes and shadows. Their use of brilliant colours and metallic surfaces relate closely to their writings. The Andersen material consists of a wide range of drawings, cut-outs and picture books containing his original collages. The Burroughs artworks include paintings on paper and wood, and collaborative projects with lifelong friend, artist Brion Gysin, including their legendary Dreamachine. The exhibition continues until June 29th.

    Date: 09 April 2008 – 29 June 2008
    Irish Museum of Modern Art
    The Royal Hospital

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