Sonny Sharrock Special

April 20, 2008

Last Friday, the Outside World (12am – 3am Fridays, KBOO 90.7 FM, in Portland, kboo.fm on the web) did a Sonny Sharrock special.
Host Daniel F., Cousin Jimmy and I pooled our collective resources for this three hour extravaganza. We were also joined by The Dusty York Trio at about the halfway mark, who deftly wove their warm-up jam into the mix of the music of “Sweet Butterfingers” before commencing their set.

Jimmy brought along several Last Exit recordings and we even found some amazing content on the web.

Sonny’s always been my favorite guitarist. His swan song album Ask the Ages is going in the urn with me. I could listen to that album forever.

What I will remember most about Sonny Sharrock – even before the music – will be the laughter…the sense of humor The fun We laughed a lot We laughed at the conditions that we had to tolerate to continue doing creative music We laughed at the reaction – the response to that music – from the journalists, the audience, even the musicians – the same sad, phony, lost motherfuckers who will show up now to say How great he was How overlooked and underrated he was How he could have done so much more… We laughed a lot But this part is serious Serious as a heart attack Peace Sonny You gave a lot…more than they’ll ever know
—-Bill Laswell, May 30, 1994

Here’s the show:
Right click and “Save as” or “Open in new tab” to listen online.
Sonny Special.mp3 (163.7 megs, 3 hours, 128kbps)

Note: If I get enough requests, I can upload the higher bitrate, track separated files when time allows.



  1. Rich,

    Thanks for sharing these Outside World shows man. I gotta get down there one of these Friday nights. Anyway, can’t wait to assault my eardrums with the blistering sounds of Mr. Sharrock.

    Best, Kevin

  2. i post in the same horn like kevin above – sharrock’s the guitar man – i became a fan in the 90s trough his “seize the tainbow” (i’ve never got moved by last exit, to be true). thanks for sharing this radio special – and 128kbs is alright with me 😀

    p.s.: you still link to my ages gone border music blog… maybe you want to update that? i have a new place right now (after several others)…

    cheers, lucky

  3. Yeah, Lucky.
    I need to update the links, to be sure.
    I don’t have time to scratch my ass, lately.
    Glad to see you’re still kickin’ it, though!

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