KIll Ugly Radio Presents: Godcast

Finally, a wholesome religious program on KBOO!
Randomonium and the Kill Ugly Radio Massive presents Godcast.
One hour of devout religious radio programming, television evangelists on the radio, born-again ventriloquism and singing fetuses.

God almighty, let’s eat!

My latest show from 5-02-08.
I hosted Randomonium and ended up going an hour over while pal Daniel ran across the street to spread the Word.

Download (Right click and “Save As..” or “Open in New Tab/Window” to listen):

Download Hour One (60 Mins. 57 megs. 192kbps)

Download Hour Two (72 Mins. 65.9 megs. 192kbps)

View Playlist

KBOO 90.7 FM, in Portland.
On the web at

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