Blogging from California

May 18, 2008
View from room Where I'm posting this from
View from my room and here’s where I’m writing this at.
Top secret stuff. Drove all the way down to Moss Landing, near Salinas from Southwest Washington state. It was nearly fifteen hours. We had a lot of expensive, irreplaceable equipment in tow.
Tired. Way too much driving for me- each one of us driving 5 hours or so.
Not too bad. I couldn’t have picked two better traveling companions, all in all.
Both are very mellow, have good manners and values and can make pleasant conversation. Don’t know if I can say the same for your humble travelogue writer.
My temporary office My view from my \'office\'
My office and the view from my office
Work is weird and fun. Am videographing some sea lion behavior for a marine biologist study.
I get to stand for hours on a platform with nothing but a camera for company. Am doing other stuff, but it’s technical and boring. Got totally sunburned on the first day. I feel like a hotdog that’s been on the rotating rack too long. But today it was windy and chilly.
my cube mates My cube mates, II
My cube mates
Yesterday, got lost in Salinas when my traveling companion thought our motorcade trek to buy supplies was a game of tag. No problems. Got to see a lot of cool terrain. Indeed, on the way down through central California, I felt like we were driving through America’s produce section. Very little agriculture going on where I live, by comparison.
Got stuck in Castroville’s Artichoke festival, yesterday, as well after an ill-timed wrong turn. Was tempted to try a deep fried artichoke. Wish I had time for more festivities, picture taking and writing. Hell! I haven’t even set foot on the beach, yet!
Calls from a friend inquiring if I could fill in DJ’ing on a Sunday night show. I don’t think so.

Bank has blundered my account. I minor glitch on their part and an easy fix, but why does this kind of thing happen when I’m nearly 600 miles away and quite literally tied up all day?

Spread about my room are all manner of electronic gadgetry plugged into every available outlet and sucking up juice into their batteries. SUCK! SUCK!

Big show tomorrow. Will determine how long my stay here is. I wouldn’t mind being away so long if I had time to rest and enjoy the locale.

More later.


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  1. hey ! you’re visiting out here?? drop us a line (email is good way) if you’re gonna be in my area, would love to meet up if possible ::))

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