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May 22, 2008

Day five

Colder than it looks, but the sun still manages to scorch any piece of uncovered flesh. Not used to this, being a Northwesterner. It was really sunny this morning, yet a high wind kept the temperature down and threatened to knock me off my perch. The view is beautiful, however.

View from my office III View from office IV

View from my office III & IV

Sessions going well. We wrapped yesterday. Now it’s breaking it all down, which we’ll do today.

When I get back, I will have several hours of video to log and capture and edit into a coherent visual report.

One for David

I must sit in my tower relatively immobile during the entire experimental process; the sea lions are spooked by anything going on above them and already they associate me with the stimulus of the tests. So, despite the stinging, 40 mph winds, I must be like a tree. A tree with expensive camera equipment.

I never thought I would be sick of eating in restaurants, but I am, even though I just had some pretty good Thai food in Santa Cruz last night. The other night, we all ate at one of those pretentiously hoity toity Eye-talian restaurants – the kind where you pay nearly $30 for a main dish and it’s a little tiny spot in the middle of the your plate. It was funny to hear our company owner, founder and head scientist, who was the richest guy in the room bitch loudly about the prices and the pretentiousness of it all, yet he still tipped generously. He’s a big Obama supporter, too

On the way down, we stopped by Concord and parts of Contra Costa County, home of the first three Negativland albums. It was weird, but I can now understand the Weatherman’s 180G story a little better.

I’m probably coming back on Saturday evening, maybe later.



  1. Nice to read your posts while you’ve been here in Cali – thanks for writing about which part of the state you’ve been in- too bad ya didn’t make it to SF area but I see it’s a work trip 🙂 One of these days BCO is coming to Portland to do some shows– would love to meet ya there !!

  2. Yes, Ninah, you must bring the Big City Orchestra juggernaut up this way some day. Portland’s in need of more surreality and it would be well attended, to be sure.

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