The Long Road Home

May 24, 2008

Recovering from the nearly 18 hour push home. Make that pull, as we had to haul about 2,000 pounds of equipment back with us that we didn’t bring down, mainly the 50 by 40 foot test tank. All that after collapsing two scaffolding towers and some secret electronic apparatus.

My body feels well-used. The only rest I got the whole time was either spent in work meetings at restaurants and sitting in the truck waiting for my turn to drive on the way back. The testing phase was somewhat sedate, compared to the frantic rush of the set-up and breakdown, in retrospect. I intended to be the handiest videographer ever, however, in hopes of garnering more projects such as this. Could end up in
Canada, Scotland and who knows where else, if our biologists have their say. So – to that end – I am running errands and climbing this and lowering that. Plus, I don’t like just sitting around when there’s activity afoot. Not too much, anyway.

Massive headache with nausea on the way back, somewhat attenuated by the intake of water. Probably dehydration. Much better on the last half of the journey.

Rolling hills II
Rolling hills I & II

Trip was long. Swung through Oakland after a vote on choice of scenery. No time to stop, however. We are wary of holiday travelers, who seem not to be in abundance. Either the price of gas has quashed people’s plans (not likely), or we just missed it all, as it was relatively swift moving despite the speedlimit imposed on people towing trailers.

BART Oakland scenery
Some Oakland scenery

the Big Chairs City sighted through smog
The Big Chairs and city sighted through smog

Stopped in Redding for some patented Redding inhospitality. Had an Easy Rider-esque, hillbilly hostility scene there over twenty years ago on a trip with a pal, once. This time it was an indignant local woman who
threw a tizzy over my coworker’s interval of time in the lady’s room of a convenience store. She huffed and puffed and pissed and moaned over having to wait 30 seconds. Loudly and publicly. I have concluded that Redding is the California equivalent of Battle Ground Washington.

A typical NoCal agroattraction

Stopped in Weed to gas up and pay the rent on our water and coffee, if you know what I mean. Considered buying the shirt that said Enjoy Weed and looked like a Coke can. Didn’t though.

Stopped in Eugene OR for Chinese buffet.

Tuned in KBOO at the outskirts of Portland, in time for the Miles Davis marathon on The Outside World.

Home to bed.

Now it’s me writing this.


One comment

  1. You whiny basterdo! All I get to do for my job is yell homeless guys on a nightly basis. Once in awhile I get to kick a drunk/high homeless guy out into the street. Then I have to pack up all of their homeless stuff. They never have anything cool though. The selfish pricks. You need a vacation so we can have Shari’s food sometime.

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