Laibach vs Bach: LaibachKunstDerFuge

May 28, 2008

Konzert für das Kreuzschach und vier Schachspieler

1st June 2006 @ Werk II in Leipzig, GermanyOn June 1st 2006, was the world premiere of Laibach’s interpretation of Bach’s Kunst der Fuge was held in Leipzig at [Werk II].A 90 min surround sound performance, titled as Konzert fuer das Kreuzschach und vier Schachspieler, was dedicated to Bach, Schoenberg, Kraftwerk, Capt. George Hope Verney, Fisher and Spaski.

Members of Laibach performed on stage in front of laptops ala Kraftwerk, yet coiffed in 18th century wigs. Projected on the background were typical Laibachian images and at one point, the band performed a chess game on the cruciform, four-player board previously seen in their promotional videos, while their movements were projected on screen as seen from overhead. It was all part of a big Bach festival in Leipzig in 2006.

This is the CD of the music they composed for the performance-piece/show. It is, as far as I know, completely unavailable outside of their native Slovenia.
Musically speaking, the most striking similarity is to Wendy Carlos’ approach to classical music. It also bears some resemblance to Jean-Michel Jarre and even Isao Tomita. There’s scant evidence of this being a Laibach album though, save for some Retro-Future overtones and some of their twisted humor embedded herein. Stay well away if you are looking for the strident militarism of some of their past works; this is more along the lines of Baptism, Macbeth or the Laibach side projects of 300,000 V.K.

01 Contrapunctus
02 Contrapunctus 2
03 Contrapunctus 3
04 Contrapunctus 4
05 Contrapunctus 5
06 Contrapunctus 6, a 4 im Stile francese
07 Contrapunctus 7, a 4 per Augment et Diminut
08 Contrapunctus 8, a 3
09 Contrapunctus 9, a alla Duodecima
10 Contrapunctus 10, a 4 alla Decima
11 Contrapunctus 11, a 4
12 Contrapunctus 12, Canon alla Ottava
13 Contrapunctus 13, Canon alla Duodecima in Contrapunto alla Quinta
14 Contrapunctus 14, Canon per Augmentationem in Contrario Motur

Some notes about the packed files: I also included a curious bundled-up promotional website about the project that should open in your web browser (open the one titled INDEX.htm), including a short movie hidden therein that offers not only glimpses of the show, but also a behind the scenes look.

Download (Megaupload, 189.66 megs)


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