Next Show: Friday, June 6th

May 30, 2008

TV or Not TV….?
That is the question for the next hour on this week’s Randomonium.
One hour of cathode ray inspired mayhem and media criticism.
Listen with the TV on and the sound turned off, scanning the channels at random. That’s your simulcast, folks.

“The Television screen is the retina of the mind’s eye” ~ Brian O’Blivian

“Whoever controls your dreams pulls your puppet strings” ~ Man-Rich

Brought to you by the Kill Ugly Radio Foundation for Throwing TVs Out of Windows and The Dissident Children’s Puppet Workshop

Friday, 11PM – 12AM

KBOO 90.7 FM, in Portland OR
Listen live at:



  1. hey rich- is this show your show? i wanna be sure to listen to it ::))

  2. No one owns Kill Ugly Radio. I am but its humble servant.
    It merely makes me run the board and occasionally a microphone.
    I recommend streaming the show at the above address.
    The phone number is 503.231.8187.
    If I was smarter, I would make some kind of chat thing possible.

  3. weee spun the dial on the tellie and it landed on three words:

    prepare for battle

    then i flipped the switch one last time before your show ended and the next began and the screen beheld a group of dancers in aztec costumery…

    TV or NOT TV indeed!

    great show! and good to hear your voice on the phone, wheee. see you soon in portland, stay tooooned.

  4. daniel’s show is fabulousssss…. the lsd reflex lives long and prospers with the correct tunings of alchemical muzakie.

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