Movies, I watched a movie in a theater…

June 1, 2008

I went to see the big Indiana Jones extravaganza.
It was OK, but then, I’m an incredibly pain-in-the-ass movie snob, and jaded at that.
I did however get totally captivated by no less than three movie trailers: Wall-E, the new Hellboy and the one with Will Smith that I can’t remember the title to (the drunk superhero one).

So seldom is it that I see a movie in a theater these days that I am often surprised at people’s increasing unconsciousness towards public etiquette and disregard for other people’s expectation of quiet.
I noticed that there were three announcements telling people to shut off or silence their cellphones. I wondered why this was and thought it was a mistake. It probably wasn’t as no less than three people let their ringtones play out for a complete cycle. Why do people do this? How long does it take for people to pick up their fucking phones and either silence them or answer them? Haven’t they ever heard of a setting called Vibrate Then Ring?
Another young man did silence his phone, but unfortunately for us, still answered it and had conversations that were much longer than “I’m sorry. I’m in a theater and don’t want to be a douche nozzle. Goodbye.” Click.

Did I mention that Wall-E and the new Hellboy look awesome?



  1. You bastard. You could have called me. We could have seen the new Indy flick together. We saw the first one together oh so many years ago. We saw Spinal Tap. We even got kicked into the theatre, and were forced to watch the 3D movie we paid for. We only wanted the glasses. I would have turned OFF my celular foam.

  2. I remember seeing Spinal Tap and persuading two young ladies from school who we ran into at the mall to see it with us, and how we convinced them that Spinal Tap was a real band and that the documentary was for real.
    I think the 3D movie was Metalstorm:The Destruction of Jared Syn. Horrible.
    But I’m pretty sure that my first viewing of Raiders was with the Schwab, who I ran into at the mall (apparently lots of us see movies that way). He talked me into going with him. I was there with my mom and I was only supposed to hang out at the mall until she was done shopping. The Schwab and I ended up getting stoned behind the movie theater and then we saw the movie. I kept thinking it would be over by the time I was supposed to meet up with my mom, but it wasn’t. Not by a longshot. She had a panic fit and ended up calling security after I didn’t show up after being paged multiple times.
    I really enjoyed the movie, though. This was before all the internet hype and multiple press coverings that movies have now. I knew very little of what to expect. I didn’t even know what kind of movie it was going to be. The melting Nazis freaked me out, stoned or not.
    We probably saw it later together, but I’m sorry to say that The Schwab was my Raiders first.

  3. Rat Bastard!!!!

  4. Maybe you and I should go see Adam Sandler’s new treacle. But I would have to, of course, insist on a signed suicide pact if we did.

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