Updates and Kill Ugly Guestbook

Hi visitors!
Please take the time to leave comments and feedback in my guestbook page, particularly if you’ve downloaded something.

I not only appreciate feedback, but am trying to assess what this blog’s future needs – in terms of filesharing – might be.
I am looking at my bandwidth and visitor stats and am curious which direction I should take this blog.

To be clear, I am probably not going to be getting into sharing a lot of albums anymore. I did a lot of that in previous years and it’s a lot of work and I’m terribly busy these days. If someone desperately needs something that’s dead in my archives, I may be willing to help out in some way offline.

My main aim with the blog is to share news, views and some original radio mixes and audio art.

As I stated in the past, I may delete the old, Blogger Kill Ugly Radio, but it still steers traffic here and it allows posting of Seeqpod’s embedded player (curse you, WordPress!). When it no longer pulls in much traffic, it will cease to exist and I may have to consider upping my WP account to a paid account that will allow a player and some audio server space. Right now I’m operating under the kindness of a friend with buttloads of server space and bandwidth.
Anybody out there know of an embed-able audio option that will work with the free version of WordPress? I’d like to hear about it, as the paid option is almost out of the question.

I could do ads….

I’d sooner jump in a river of snot than to kiss Mammon’s ass and I couldn’t do that to you, dear reader.

So, please take a moment and give me your two cents or just a shout-out.

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