Spineless Dems Bend Over for Telecoms

July 9, 2008

Including hope merchant Obama….
This shit just sucks the life out of me.
I called my Senators and even got a real live person on the phone who told me that she (Murray) would vote against it. To her and Senator Cantwell’s credit, they did vote no, but to no avail.
As my comrade-sister Slim puts it:

“There is something very diseased at the heart of this country. We are a bunch of fucking pussies, scared of each other and our own shadows. Willing to give up anything so long as we don’t have to think, don’t have to learn, don’t have to worry about anything but whether the TiVO is working and how I’m going to pay for that new Scarlet LCD TV if I’m paying $70 twice a week to fill up my F-150.” <link>

Fuck these weasels.
If anybody thinks these people will be an improvement, you’re deluding yourselves.


One comment

  1. Hey…at least gas prices came down a bit. A few months ago when this thing was up for a vote and expired instead…gas jumped 60 some odd cents a matter of hours later. After falling somewhat the week before…when the bill was up for vote. If you don’t say anything wrong on the phone, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Wait…I think I hear the sound of hob-nailed boots out side my door…..

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