Chu Ishikawa

July 11, 2008

Another retread from the old Kill Ugly Radio site and still active, apparently.
Again, file under Short Shelf-life – move fast:

Tetsuo – The Iron Man Soundtrack
Japan Overseas

Music from Shinya Tsukamoto’s synapse bursting Tetsuo movies. The bulk of the songs are from the second flick, The Body Hammer and most appear to be adaptations of themes and motifs from the movies themselves, rather than the songs actually used in the films, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Megatron is a grand reworking of The Iron Man’s theme, featuring Ishikawa’s precise industrial percussion and martial rhythms. The faux-Arabic keyboard sounds on Mausoleum are a lot more restrained here, but the song is expanded out to a regular length – something Tsukamoto’s unconventional cinematic narrative style and brain-fry editing don’t allow. Jerked out of their surreal celluloid context, it’s easier to scrutinize Ishikawa’s musical style, even if his sounds and his director’s images seem inextricably linked.
Nice. I’m really glad I found this.

(re-upped 12-10-07)


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