Hectic Weekend

July 13, 2008

Hi all.

I had good intentions of posting the playlist and audio from my last show – where I unexpectedly had to fill in for The Pickle Feather Express (3AM – 6AM), but am buried in household tasks of the plumbing nature (arrived home at 6:30AM to water on the master bedroom floor due to a leaky water heater. ARGH!).

It was a fun show. I played a large assortment of electronica – mainly The Orb – for three hours, with some Severed Heads, Laibach’s Kunstderfuge, some Future Sound of London and some mysterious vocalizations from The Chakra Chimp Utility Kitchen. It was all formulated to keep the nightshift folks swinging and productive.

I also learned that next week’s Outside World will be hosted by none other than Baron Landscape, who has been hiding in exile for the last fifteen years or so. His show – The Broken Hours – ran on Sunday nights years ago and was an amazing mixture of music, spoken word, radio theater and all kinds of absurdities. You have to listen. His show will follow mine, from Midnight to 3AM, and possibly longer if there’s no Pickles again.

Playists from my last show and more details as they come.


One comment

  1. Wow, I come out of exile and already I’m being blogged about! Thanks, man. I had to replace the Landscape Manor water heater this month – complete with double-layer stainless steel sleeve up the ass… er, I mean chimney, so at least I won’t be overcome with carbon monoxide fumes and miss the show next Friday!

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