Don Joyce and Negativland: Guns!

July 28, 2008

I’ve posted this before, ripped from a less-than-quality source tape I have had for years.
This one, from a recently unearthed 10″ 1/4″ reel found in KBOO’s catacomb-like tape archive room sounds much better and includes the New American Radio intro and outro.

It was ripped by my pal Devin the Radio Engineering Elf, who found it buried under 20 years of tapes with its runsheet still taped to the box. I’ll take pictures of it and have them up soon.

Again, it’s not the version of Guns! that came out on SST. It’s somewhat different in structure and tone and was a commissioned piece for New American Radio, as was Advertising Secrets, fractions of which ended up on both the similarly titled 7″ (on Eerie Records) and 1997’s Dispepsi.

Don Joyce and Negativland: Guns! (1989)
A dense, pulsing “action song,” whose verses deal with America’s intimate relationship with firearms: “The gun and the Bible carved this nation out of the wilderness,” a man exclaims. A tradition unfolds that links the voices of the past as we know them through television cowboy movies and gangster films, to the modern Annie-Get-Your-Gun, the business woman of the ‘eighties with her handy sub-machine gun. An evolving patchwork of movie excerpts and TV ads, statements and information about guns, and of certain phrases repeated like bullets.
Commissioned by NEW AMERICAN RADIO.




  1. did you take pictures of the tape?

    it probably has my hand writing on the box spine, or maybe the traditional kboo sheet wrapped around.

    my late teenage fingerprints are all over that box.

    i’m sure

  2. No, but I plan to.
    Yes, Fader, you were the one who played those New American Radio pieces, back in the day.
    Where they sent to KBOO, or did you bring them?
    I am pushing Devin the resident radio elf to find the Advertising Secrets tape, as well.

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