Download and Playlist for 08-08-08 Show

August 8, 2008

We kicked off the opening of the Olympics with a simulcast of sorts.

Many nice, enthusiastic callers.


Download entire episode here (60 mins. 80 megs @ 192kbps)

Playlist below the fold, but more interactive playlist here at KBOO’s Randomonium page.

KBOO, 90.7 FM, in Portland OR and on the web at http://www.kboo.fm/listen


NBC Olympics Theme (Looping)
Welcome to Beijing Theme – YouTube clip
Democracy Now on the Olympics – 08/8/08 broadcast
Yat Kha – Albys-Shulbus – Tundra’s Ghost
Democracy Now – suppression of journalists in China – 08/8/08 broadcast
Yat Kha – Anthropfagy – Tundra’s Ghost
BBC – Bjork on Tibet – YouTube clip
Yat Kha – Shaman – Tundra’s Ghost
Bjork – Declare Independence- X Remix
Yat Kha – Shambalag – Tundra’s Ghost
Laibach – Zoungya – Volk
Official Olympics Theme – YouTube clip
Bill Laswell and Pete Namlook – Arena – Psychonavigation
Democracy Now w/ David Zirin – 08/8/08 broadcast
Pepsi Red Can commercial – YouTube clip
Coke Olympics commercial – YouTube clip
BBC News on crackdown on foreign journalists – YouTube clip
Democracy Now on the Olympics II – 08/8/08 broadcast
NBC Olympics Theme II (Looping)
Station ID
Ammers / Console – Hymnen ’72 – Official Olympic Bootleg
Ammers / Console -“Horen Sie jettz…” Official Olympic Bootleg – II
1972 news on terrorist incidents – YouTube clip
Ammers / Console – Lange Fackeln – Official Olympic Bootleg – III
Jim McKay – The Agony of Defeat [looping] – YouTube link
Ammers / Console -Baballula Bootleg – Official Olympic Bootleg – VI
Leni Reifenshtahl – Jesse Owens – Olympia
Ammers / Console – Jesse Owens ’36- Official Olympic Bootleg – Jesse Owens
Bill Laswell and Pete Namlook – Good and Bad – Psychonavigation
NBC Olympics Theme III (Looping)
Back announce
Ammers / Console – Ping Pong Pirouette – Official Olympic Bootleg – Ping Pong
Leni Reifenshtahl – men’s gymnastics – Olympia
Ammers / Console – DDR Bootleg – Official Olympic Bootleg
Ammers / Console – Bomben ’72 – Official Olympic Bootleg
One World, One Dream Olympics Theme – YouTube clip
Laibach – Dogs of War [excerpt] – NATO
NBC Olympics Theme V I (Looping)



  1. Thanks for providing a very weird soundtrack for the opening ceremonies. Yao Ming was stomping around the stadium in front of a crowd of hundreds of Chinese athletes while that commentator was ranting about Pepsi changing the color of its cans. I think I now know what Hunter S. Thompson felt like while watching Vietnam footage during his adrenechrome stint in Vegas and it’s all your fault.

    If this marks the dusk of the American empire and the beginning of a Chinese one, I can’t think of a better way to watch it all unfold.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words.
    You listened to it in exactly the way I had intended; as a simulcast of the big, bread and circuses show.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed it and have to agree with your assessment of the event. I think the West is falling like all empires must and – even with China’s abhorrent human rights record – the East is rising to prominence.
    China’s also been around a hellavu lot longer than us and had the patience to wait us out.

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