Bruce Crespin, Rest in Peace

August 13, 2008

Doing my volunteer work at KBOO, I am always meeting new people.

Sometimes however, I meet someone who I immediately know will be a friend.

One such person was Bruce Crespin. He showed up during my shift in the crowd of people that were there for the recent Grassroots Radio Conference. It was a fun event, with KBOO playing open house to other radio activists from all over the globe. Bruce was there helping with hosting – both at the conference and at KBOO’s open house – and the whole thing spilled over into a late-night shindig. Bruce, another volunteer and I talked for hours about old comedy records, bad movies we loved and the possibilities of non-corporate radio. I was struck by his enthusiasm for his work and I enjoyed hanging out with him late into night.

I had hoped we would cross paths again, but got the following message from someone:

I have been out of my office for the last week, and have just found out that one of our volunteers, Bruce Crespin, who helped during much of this year’s conference, passed away last Friday. Bruce helped out with registration, raffle and t-shirt selling during the conference, and know that he talked with many people there, so I thought folks should know. He very much enjoyed the conference, which had sparked many ideas that he was excited to start on.

Bruce has been a co-producer of the “Indian World” program, for the last couple of years. Bruce produced the nationally syndicated program “Wisdom of the Elders” for several years, and began working at KBOO in 2006, assisting long-time host John Talley with the “Indian World” show. He also was a substitute on the “Gospel Corner” on Sunday mornings. Bruce was a great volunteer and truly wonderful human being, and will be deeply missed.

He died of heart failure following an asthma attack.

So long, Bruce.

You will be missed.



  1. Bruce was a long time friend and colleague. Thanks for paying a tribute to him, you captured his spirit. I could even see the twinkle of his smile in your brief note. He will be missed by those he touched.

  2. Bruce was a man of vision and creativity. He also used his life to serve the People and to provide healthier avenues of communication with all he met.
    He was a very close friend — a light always shining on the horizon. He will be missed but his legacy will live on.

    Thank you for providing the information regarding his untimely passing.
    In Light,

  3. I just found out that Bruce had passed. What a shock. He and Jayna were good friends of ours in Hollister, CA. I worked with Bruce a few times, checking out middens and other sites in California when I was a temporary employee for the BLM. My husband Scott worked with Bruce in the same office. Bruce made a big difference in our lives and we’ve always fondly remembered him along with Jayna, Aaron and Coya.
    Thank you for providing a place I can express my sorrow.

    • miss bruce school friend

  4. sorry I want to say more Bruce was warm engaging and kind .He had a great sense of humor,and natural direction early in life. Ive always felt he was one of the finest people Ive met in my life .And as mentioned earlier i meet him over 40 something yrs ago.

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