A weird story that ran in the June 1981 issue of Epic Illustrated, Marvel Comics’ answer to Heavy Metal Magazine.

I remember always thinking that Epic couldn’t stand up to HM in terms of overall skullfuckedness, but occasionally had some mindblowing stories.

This one was always near and dear to my heart; cult flicks were my primary obsession at this point in my life – especially since they were so bloody hard to find and see in that pre-internet era.

Plus, right before I read this article, I had this incredibly weird dream that was amazingly similar to this story.

Here it is. I don’t own a scanner, but borrowed one a few years ago and scanned this on a lark.

The story’s not as weird as I remember it now, looking at it nearly 30 years later, but it’s weird nonetheless.

They are in TIFF format.

Download Kultz

For some more fun, Heavy Metal memories, stroll on over to I’m Learning to Share and dig on what he has to say about it and check out his Flickr site of old HM scans, complete with funky, late-seventies, early eighties ads.

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