Some of my Dada Doings…

August 30, 2008

Last night I witnessed an amazing performance from Smegma, who provided the soundtrack (simulcast on our local cable channel 23, natch!) to an assemblage of archival – and bizarre – films collected by pal Bill Dodge.

Smegma were, as always, fascinating.

Got to do a little noise mongering with them towards the end of their set as I sat in the peanut gallery. Me noodling with my KAOSS Pad.

TODAY: That’s Saturday at 1pm, I am performing with the Portland Sinfonia Phonographic Orchestra, where we’ll be doing The Sound Effects Suite, as conducted by our very own Dr. Zomb.

SUNDAY: I will be manning the board for part of the final hours of the Festival and will be playing:

John Cage Theater: james joyce, marcel duchamp, erik satie: an alphabet, a play by John Cage recorded in 1990 at the WDR Sound Art Festival in a performance with John Cage and friends (including George Brecht, Alvin Curran, Charles Dodge, Christian Wolff, Malcolm Goldstein and more).

I will also be playing some stuff I’ve picked out, if time allows.

Do tune in.


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