Political Diversion XXII

August 31, 2008

Two interesting tidbits on Sarah Palin from two of my Twitter pals:

Is this picture really Sarah Palin

Is Sarah Palin’s ‘son’ really her grandson?

I too am flummuxed by McInsane’s choice of VP.
Is it some attempt to inject ‘diversity’ into his ticket, or is it a ploy to pull the so-called Pumas into his camp?
I don’t know.
The latter’s my Wife’s theory, and that team McCain’s so out of touch that they think the Hillaryites will go with it only because Hillary’s a woman.
I think it – like a lot of things – is a synthesis of the two (or more) batshit-crazy theories.



  1. I think McCain should hire Borat as a speechwriter. The speech at the Rodeo in the film Borat would be a classic speech for McCain. Maybe he could just plagiarize it?

  2. I’m voting for McSame because Palin is hot! Also her last name is like Michael Palin’s. I like Monty Python. Wait…he died didn’t he?

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