In the Interest of Karmic Maintenance

September 2, 2008

During the whole Dada Fest and regarding all the news, public affairs and music shows being pre-empted for five days, I made a remark, disparaging all the angry callers on behalf of Democracy Now! – comparing them to the old folks who – urban legend has it – pass away suddenly when Perry Mason is bumped off for a breaking news story.
At one point, I pounded the breakroom counter and screeched:

I think I offended someone in the Newsroom, as they quickly turned on their heel and left the room, although the news room people can turn on a heel and flit from room to room pretty quickly.

If so, I am deeply sorry. I know that the news is very important and that not everyone has the technological resources to go hunt for non-single-source news. I was insensitive in comparing them to elderly Perry Mason devotees and I am sorry.

But today, I am eager to get an update on the situation of Goodman and company and missed a good chunk of KBOO’s broadcast of it while transitioning in to work.
So, here it is several hours into the day and DN!’s website hasn’t got today’s show up yet.



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