Two Words that evoke horror…

…and work your gag-reflex like a Heidi Fleiss hooker works a prostate:

Christian Ska.

Boy, do we owe No Doubt an apology now?
These guys do Ska one worse!

For years – and sight unseen – Christian Ska has been my personal watermark for a bad music concept.
I even have tagged some of my extreme noise music creations as Christian Ska.

I still can’t think of anything more odious and that video is the proof.

Shamelessly stolen from Boing Boing.

Your antidote?

Go to this post at Dinosaur Gardens and listen to the entire album The Trojan Collection, and hear lots of actual, factual Reggae and Ska going back to 1963(!).

No silly, hopping, rythmically impaired white people with obligatory horn sections here!

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