Post-show wrap-up rant

September 13, 2008

Cranky. Home on a Friday night before 4am ffor the first time in a long time. Had to split in order to turn in early; I am tabling for KBOO tomorrow morning at the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair.
It’s a good thing, too.
I have been dumped on or vented onto today by no less than three irate or otherwise agitated individuals. I must have one of those faces that invites that kind of thing. I have – over the years – gotten better at excusing myself when it gets to be too much, but it’s hard when it’s someone I have some degree of concern about.
A group of people also chose to have a loud debate in the air-room while I was trying to set up the crucial – and complicated – intro to my show. Honestly, I should just shove everyone out and shut the door until the end of my show when I’m doing my collage shows.
I don’t want to pre-record my shows; it’s so un-spontaneous. I love mixing live… Love working three or four faders with as many fingers with the headphones on. I’m hooked on doing live collage mixes.
But it’s so damn hard when you not only have people wanting to talk to you while watching for critical cue points, or phone calls that are clearly from someone not even listening (“Where’s so-and-so?“) or the DJ who’s on next wants to move in a half-hour early…
I need to go to bed!

I’ll try to get the show up for the download sometime this weekend.



  1. I hear ya, bru. You wanna go on that air and have fun but you gotta control the room. No Monsier Bon Homme. The thing needs to sound something like your head is telling you, but if your head is full of noise you can’t pull it off. Live radio never sounds like you think it will, but that’s the beauty of spontaneoisty. Just like if I grabbed a beer and sat on the couch, which sounds fine to me, but it could end up with me stumbling around in the blackberry bushes outside a strange tavern with my keys and a very ripe melon locked in my car. That could really screw up my weekend. But life goes on. Unless my show is cancelled, or moved to Monday morning at 4 AM. Just my take on things.

  2. I didn’t know you went to collage……..

  3. collage (From the French: coller, to glue) is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.
    As opposed to doing a show where I just play a bunch of otherwise unrelated songs.
    In this case Mr. Happy showed up with some records and some suggestions to play some and Mr. Grumpy (me) had his elaborate collage show all mapped out and in order.
    You didn’t listen, did you?
    Damn you.

  4. Great show, Rih. I honestly couldn’t tell if the song at the beginning (Tom Waits?) was glitching for reallsies or not. (I’m guessing for it was). Nice atmosphere. The hour went by too quickly. But that new-fangled CB radio… it won’t last.

    Nice job, bro.. I mean bru.

  5. BTW, I think your blog pages’ time setting are set to GMT (I posted at 12:20 9/14, and it posted as 7:20). Intentional? Or some hipster commentary, hippy.

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