The Kill Ugly Radio Roadshow

September 15, 2008

Here’s my last show:

What happens when J.G. Ballard, Isolrubin B.K., Ralf, Florian, Karl & Wolfgang, a moribund C.B. radio instructor – and more – pile into a Pontiac Fleetwood Brougham with warm leatherette interior for a cruise across the American wasteland?
Tune into this week’s Randomonium to find out.

The scoop:

Lots of old driver’s ed films over the mixed live in the studio Autobahn Suite, an old LP entitled How to CB and the ugly, atonal Isolrubin BK (aka Brian Lustmord) album Crash Injury Trauma and more.
Play episode:
60 mins.

Download MP3 (85.5 megs @ 192kbps)

Playlist (artist-track-album-label/source)
The Normal – Warm Leatherette – TVOD 7″ – Mute
Tom Waits – Ol’ 55 (“Freeways, cars and trucks” looping) – Closing Time – Electra/Asylum
Kraftwerk – Autobahn (live) – Amsterdam 1976 – Bootleg
Kraftwerk – Autobahn – Autobahn – Warner Bros.
Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet – Autobahn – Found on SeeqPod(RIP)
Gary Lucas Autobahn (live) – Found on SeeqPod
Sid Davis Productions – Drivers Ed : Driving Tips – YouTube
DMV Driver’s Education – Drivers Ed : Behind the Wheel – youtube
Chevrolet Corp. – Drivers of Tomorrow (narr. by Jimy Stewart) – YouTube
Sid Davis Productions – Drivers Ed : Speeding (music by Louis Barron!) – youtube
J.G. Ballard – Crash! 1971 film (Dir. Harley Cokliss) – YouTube
Isolrubin BK – The Dynamics Involved In An Injury By Mechanical Force – Crash Injury Trauma – Soleilmoon
Doodah, Inc. – Part 95, Breaking a Channel – How to CB – Pickwick
Isolrubin BK – Extensive Fissured Skull Fractures Produced By The Head Striking The Border Of The Windshield – Crash Injury Trauma – Soleilmoon
Doodah, Inc. – The Ten Code, CB Terms, part one – How to CB – Pickwick
Isolrubin BK Cranio-Facial Absorption: Multiple Lacerations – Crash Injury Trauma – Soleilmoon
Sleep Chamber – Warm Leatherette – Warm Leatherette/Fetish 7″ – Inner-X-Musick
Casual Contemporaries – How2CB – Best of Casual Contemporaries – unabomb
Wendy Mae Chambers – The Star Spangled Banner – Femirama – Auxilio De Cientos

Or go to KBOO’s Randomonium episode page for a more in-depth, interactive and annotated playlist.


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