Yet another reason why I can’t stomach SNL anymore

September 17, 2008

Yeah, I know.
Another cranky old guy whining about how Saturday Night Live ‘jumped the shark’.
I have long gotten over how it jetisoned the brainy, National Lampoon, Michael O’Donoghue-helmed model and left those who like their humor with a little more intelligence in the dust in their quest for advertising revenue.
And now, it’s just not my kind of humor and that’s fine.
But this yet another sign that it’s probably time to never watch again:

For the staff of a comedy show, the people behind “Saturday Night Live” certainly care a lot about fairness.

Speaking at a Manhattan event sponsored by the Museum of the Moving Image on Monday night, the cast members Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler answered questions about their much discussed sketch, broadcast by NBC on Saturday, that featured Ms. Poehler as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former Democratic presidential candidate, and Tina Fey as Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate.

“The trick with all of these people is to try to come out as fair and evenhanded as possible,” said Mr. Meyers, also the head writer for “SNL.” He added that the inclusion of Ms. Poehler’s Clinton character “made it safer to mention things about Sarah Palin without making it seem like an attack piece.”

So, this is what the new SNL looks like?

Another victim of The Big Suck*.

Read whole article.

*My own term for the syndrome where everything you love and cherish becomes commodified and prostituted in the most obscene manner. It’s like The Beatles Revolution being used to sell expensive shoes to middle class, bovine Genericans.


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  1. WTF?

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