One of the many standout bands in the revered film Urgh! A Music War is Skafish.
After seeing them (and the band’s namesake) in the film, I looked them up in my handy-dandy and dog-eared edition of The Trouser Press Guide to New Music and have always been curious about this early, Chicago-area band.
Recently, I noticed a new compilation CD of his/their material in the KBOO new shelf in the record library (I would’ve played some, last night, but was flying well within our FCC radar before 10pm).
But today, via the Urgh! Yahoo list, I see that Mr. Skafish has a fully loaded and anointed website up and running.
Go check it out for a fascinating read and for all the audio, photos (with video coming soon), etc….


  1. Wow, a blast from yesteryear, say what? Yeah, man! I was working at KUGS-FM in Bellingham when the “Obsessions Of You” 7-inch was unleashed, with its demented b-side “Sink Or Swim,” seemingly from another galaxy. IRS really dominated our playlists at the time, and right out of the gate Skafish was hot.

    But the subsequent album wasn’t quite as impressive as the 7-inch, and my further investigations of the Skafish canon failed to unearth any other gems. Which is a shame, because after reading the writings on his blog, particularly the “State Of The Union” pieces, I’m delighted with the Skafish I never knew existed. It’s sort of like when Richard Hell showed up in the Jean-Luc Godard newsgroup to which I beonged.

    Thanks for the link, and I hope you find some good stuff on the CD.

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