Open Dex Alert: Don’t fall in!

This takes me back to 2003 or so, when hunting down Open Dexes was a major pre-occupation.

Nice little directory of some electronica n’ EBM stuff: some Skinny Puppy (the two latest), some Download, Autechre, some Clint Mansell, a Coil album.

Check it out before someone plasters the hole shut.


  1. I’m having fun with it.
    I don’t look for them much, these days, but SeeqPod finds occasionally compel me to physically type in the url to grab a song, if it’s in an open dex.
    But I used to spend inordinate amounts of time fishing for these damn veins of mp3 gold.
    There even used to be whole blogs dedicated to documenting the holes in the interweb.
    What happened to them?
    Did college’s clamp down on server space usage? Indeed a lot of dexes seemed to be on dot e-d-u type domains.
    I also noticed that as soon as a dex ended up on said blogs, it would shortly be moved or protected, probably after someone’s bandwidth went through the roof.
    It’s also the period where I found it much easier to buy em-pee-threes on the better – yet sleazier – Eastern European and Russian sites – PayPal and RIAA be damned.
    Plus, I have so little free time anymore for both taking and listening.

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