Turkish Psych-Rock pt. 1: Cem Karaca ve Apaşlar

Pal Devin just gave me this amazing compilation of singles by the mighty Turkish folk rocker Cem Karaca and his original band – before going solo – Apaşlar.

About Cem:

In 1967, he started to write his own music, forming the band Apaşlar (Apachees), his first Turkish-language group. In 1969, Karaca and bass-player Serhan Karabay left Apaşlar and started an original Anatolian group called Kardaşlar (Brothers).

In 1972, Karaca joined the group Moğollar (Mongols) and wrote one of his best-known songs, “Namus Belası”. However, Cahit Berkay, the leader of Moğollar, wanted an international name for his band, and he left for France to take the group to another level. Karaca, who wanted to continue his Anatolian beat sound, left Moğollar and started his own band Dervişan (Dervishes) in 1974. Karaca and Dervişan sang poetic and progressive songs.

In the 1970s, Turkey’s image was damaged by political violence between supporters of the left and the right, separatist movements and the rise of Islamism. As the country fell into chaos, the government suspected Cem Karaca of involvement. At times he was accused of treason for being a separatist thinker and a Marxist-Leninist. The Turkish government tried to portray Karaca as a man, who was unknowingly writing songs to start a revolution. One politician was quoted as saying, “Karaca is simply calling citizens to a bloody war against the state.”  <wikipedia>

Download Cem Karaca ve Apaşlar (83.9 megs., Rapidshare)
21 amazing tracks with tracklist!

I’ve become a sucker for this fuzzed out Turkish psychedelic rock. Karaca’s stuff is a little more soulful and reverb-laden and not as prone to fuzztone guitar abuse like Selda, but I find his songs haunting.

Devin’s the St. Paul of Cem Karaca; he’ll play them for anyone and they become a convert, including me.

Cem’s the King, as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. Dude, thanks so much for posting these songs! I LOVE Turkish rock, especially the 60s-70s anadolu psychedelic stuff… Hope you have checked out these three cds:

    1. Bunalim
    2. Hava Narghile
    3. Erkin Koray’s: Elektronik Turkuler


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