Turkish Psych-Rock pt. 3: Selda

The real gem of this 60/70’s Turkish rock triumvirate: Selda Bagcan.
Her stuff is much more over the top both in terms of vocal performance and instrumentation and studio technique. There’s ample fuzzy guitars and everything’s ladled thick with syrupy reverb.
Here’s what The Dusty Groove says about Selda:

Funky breaks and fuzzy guitars — one of the most amazing albums to come out of the Turkish scene of the 70s — and one with a sound that really defies categorization! Although the sweet image of a girl and guitar on the cover might make you think the record’s a folk set, the overall production is heavily electric — filled with fuzzed-up touches on the guitars, and usually supported by some funky drumming that gives most of the record a cool Eastern break sort of feel! Lyrics aren’t in English, but they’re oddly compelling even if you don’t know what they mean — as Selda’s voice has a weird other-wordly quality, and comes off with the same tripped-out qualities as the music! <link>

This album was found in the back of the record library at KBOO by the lovely Ms. Brooke, after she, Devin and I were on a Turkish rock binge. We all immediately fell in love with it. The CD featured the scratchy, distorted sounds of well-loved vinyl. Don’t let that put you off; I found that it added to its charm.

Download Selda (81 megs @ 192 kbps, Rapidshare)

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