Columbian to File for Bankruptcy

October 9, 2008

It’s a bittersweet piece o’ hubris. On the one hand, it’s a cranky, rightwing and business/development-axis-uber-alles rag that was dumb enough to endorse Bush twice. It keeps its editorial staff stocked with people from the odious Focus on the Family and aggressively pushed downtown development, despite its impact on residents.

But on the other hand, it is Clark County Washington’s only real media outlet. The Reflector? I’m being serious here. It also employs a lot of people, including a few personal friends of mine.
But not only is print media circling the drain and the economy’s going tits-up, but I can’t help think that the Columbian has been and continues to be way out of touch with Clark County the rest of the country.

Here’s KATU’s take on it.



  1. You and I should buy it. The Columbian I mean. We might be able to bring a bit of culture to this burg…

  2. I got…
    …let see here…
    23, 24…
    I got 25.72 on me.
    Think that’ll be enough?

  3. Guess that makes you the money man and me the brains. “I’m Charles Foster Cain!”

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