Ringo Starr- Class Act

October 14, 2008

LONDON — Ringo Starr doesn’t want to hear from you. If you do write,
your letter will end up in the trash. After 45 years of stardom, he
doesn’t want to spend any more time answering mail or sending signed
photos back to fans.

The fan fatigue led the former Beatles drummer to post a sometimes
angry sounding short video clip on his Web site telling fans that any
mail sent to him after Oct. 20 will not be read or answered. British
television stations broadcast the video on Tuesday.

“It’s going to be tossed,” he says on the video. “I’m warning you
with peace and love, I have too much to do. So no more fan mail. Thank
you, thank you. And no objects to be signed. Nothing. Anyway, peace and
love, peace and love.” <link>

For someone who charges hundreds of dollars a pop to come in and virtually phone in an appearance (a friend recently blew wads of cash to see him), you’d think he could pay someone a pittance who’d be happy to do it for him and still seem like he could give a shit about the people who – for some unfathomable reason – seem to like him.

Sometimes I wished I lived in the bizarro world where John and George are still alive.

Now I need make good on my long-running threat to start an all Ringo-themed cover band The Dungbeatles. Nothing but Ringo songs and everyone dresses like Ringo.
Anybody wanna join me?



  1. I believe Ringo killed George. Ringo causes cancer. Not many people know this. This is why his reclusiveness is a gift to humanity; and the high prices charged for contact are a strict warning people must heed.

    Has something to do with the Ringo worshiping cult from “Help” and a horrible gypsy curse.

  2. I have been taking voice lessons.

  3. Give the guy a break. He is working hard to write at least one new song every five years. Each and every interruption could be the fatal blow to his continuing contribution to the music world, a world which he and the rest of them, Jon, Peter and Jim helped to create. He is also a really good cook, you know. Any piece of mail he opens and he could be exposed to anthrax or something. And I would love to be in the Bungholes – I play guitar and bass and can do vox – I also play drums but don’t have a kit.

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