DEVO for Change

October 16, 2008

Anybody want to front me a ticket to Ohio?:

Devo Returns to Akron to Help the Democrats

Are we not voters?

It’s been three decades since four Akron spuds, collectively known as Devo, donned energy domes to spread the word about de-evolution, gates of steel and the power of uncontrollable urges in their hometown.

Over the years, the band has performed several times in Cleveland and at Blossom Music Center, but, by Devo member Mark Mothersbaugh’s recollection, the band’s show on Friday at the Civic Theatre will bring the band full circle as the theater was the setting of their final Akron concert in 1978. The show, called Duty Now for the Future — the title of Devo’s sophomore album — will be a benefit for the Summit County Democratic Party.

”It was nothing on purpose,’‘ Mothersbaugh said from his Mutato Music studio and offices in Los Angeles where he and a team of composers make music for films, television commercials, video games and other forms of media. (…)

…’‘I think most Devo fans share our politics, which aren’t necessarily Republican or Democrat because quite honestly both parties have their corruptibility and both have made big mistakes since time began. … They both are populated by humans who want power and you have to be suspect of anyone who wants to be a politician, in the first place.

”But I think our fans are like us in that they are pro-information and anti-stupidity,” he said laughing heartily. ”And we’re just one group of concerned citizens trying to figure out how to make a better place for all of us, not just the richest.”

For me, this makes up for their unrestrained licensing of songs for commercials.

Read whole article from Ohio.com, which features lots of ideas for the impending death of the music manufacturing industry and how spuds can help bring it on.

Found at Mother Jones via Bulldada News.


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