The why of the where and what

October 17, 2008

I get the occasional request to either share or re-upload a particular album or artist and usually try to respond individually, but here’s my personal stance in a nutshell, as I think I get a lot of new, unique visitors who landed after searching, not realizing that I have both slowed output, post-wise and virtually shut down the all-you-can-eat buffet o’music. This was all in response to a personal email I received regarding the deletion of much more prolific blogs and sharing in general:

I myself haven’t seen too many WordPress blogs get deleted, but I DO know that blogspot blogs are dropping like flies….
I think I have been left alone because I no longer share much music.

I no longer share music as much partly out of fear of getting deleted, partly out of being tired of all the work involved coupled with the greed and ungrateful attitude of some (I repeat, some) of the recipients.
I am also a little concerned about the possibility of either having my blog deleted and also legal action. No real close calls, but I have had a few complaints.
I also think some of the arguments regarding the moral issue surrounding ‘sharing’ vs ‘stealing’ are somewhat dishonest, in my humble opinion.
I personally would only try to share actually out of print or otherwise unavailable music.
I especially try not to share music if the artist themselves directly profit from the sale of their music. Some examples on two ends of the spectrum would be a band like Negativland, who directly sell their CDs on the web and someone like Robert Fripp, who – while in the music industry for decades – has managed to extricate himself from the machinations of the dishonest and antequated music manufacturing industry. As much as I think CDs rather expensive and take up lots of room, I would rather my money – when I have it – goes to the artists I like and respect. That’s just my opinion. Does that mean I never download anything elsewhere? Hell no. I do download, but will usually go out and buy (used, if I can find it, too -natch!) the product. It just means that I personally will go out of my way and spend my meager funds on supporting the artists I respect and admire with the hope that they will have the incentive to create more.

So, if you’re wondering, that’s just my personal stance on sharing and why – if you look through my archives – I don’t really share music too much anymore.



  1. Just a big thanks for all the work you’ve done. Because of sites like yours, I’ve been able to discover artists and styles of music that otherwise would have gone unheard. For me it was the music blogs that helped me learn about Jazz (the players the history and the music) and what I like and don’t like. I never would have bought some of the stuff I’ve purchased had it not been for folks like you.

    All the best.

  2. Thanks for the kind word, Rob!
    Don’t count me out or take me off your list of places to visit, by any means.
    It doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t ever share anything again, but it will probably consist of either original mixes (my radio shows, etc.), really obscure, OOP material (although there are blogs that do this much better than I can) or topical stuff (I don’t know what that means, but I may share an album or two at my discretion).

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