The Future of Kill Ugly Radio On the Radio

October 19, 2008

Hi radio-activists!

As you may know, there’s considerable changes afoot in KBOO’s on-air schedule and programming lineup. Some programs are going bye bye and some are being re-arranged to later dates. While I don’t relish the fact that some longtime programmers – some of them favorites and friends – are going away or having their shows shortened and I can’t say that I personally agree with all the changes, this is all long overdue, in my opinion.

KBOO hasn’t changed their overall format in over a decade. We face a dwindling audience in a changing world and an increasingly shitty economy.

All that said, the future of my own personal projects on the radio is in question. The show where I have been able to plug in my own little show (Randomonium) is going away to make room for the new Friday night programming block with will have a heavier emphasis on dance and electronica.

There are ample TBA slots in the currently proposed schedule, to be sure, but I can’t really bank on that and/or expect to build any kind of listenership if my show doesn’t have some kind of regularity. So I don’t really know what the future holds for me on the air at KBOO.

One thing I may do is do a regularly scheduled podcast, perhaps every other week. I can then do an on-air version when a slot opens up and can make the airdate known to you both on this blog and on the podcast. That would sort of be the win-win situation I am holding out for, rather than throwing in the towel, as some in my situation have done, so far.

That’s one possibility.

I also have a proposal for a program – along with a demo – submitted to the programming committee, so we’ll see. I may write another for another specific genre for good measure, but don’t really want to be tied to one specific genre of music if I can help it.

Who knows?

Cross your fingers for me!




One comment

  1. Good luck Rich! I hope it works out.

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