Fear of a Black President

October 28, 2008

Although the polls look promising and there just may be a glimmer of light at the end of this hellish, eight year long tunnel, I harbor this deep fear that there’ll be this eleventh hour turnout of fear-mongering white folks, all uniting in their terror of having an African American man for a President.

Some of these recent events are really only symptomatic indicators, perhaps, but I’ll bet the greater mass of unconscious people might be motivated to vote against Obama as a knee-jerk reaction and use whatever latest meme that’s aimed against him (as of this writing it’s the Share the Wealth/Socialism angle).

Missy’s right on in her assessment of the return of the Militia set.

I lived in Northern Clark County Washington throughout the entire Clinton regime and remember the vibe. Any day Clinton was going to descend on rural America with his fleet of black UN helicopters and take away everyone’s guns and run them through a program of forced racial miscegenation. I clearly remember going into gun shops and hearing more than one person openly joke about Bill and Hillary targets. I also remember having a gun store owner telling me how sales had gone through the roof in his store after the Rodney King/LA riots, some 800 miles away.

I also remember visiting my hometown of Battle Ground in 2004 and seeing someone driving around in a big, funky van with Kerry’s a Fag written on it in big, giant letters. I could go deep cover and go back and report on the quality of the graffiti or signage, but I suspect it would make you and I ill.

Even if Obama wins – and I think he will – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
Events like the LA riots, voter disenfranchisement in 2000 and 2004, Katrina and the Obama candidacy reveal the ugly buried racism in America.


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