The Word Made Flesh

October 30, 2008

I was initially disappointed in the apparent lack of effort in this interpretation of St. Francis E. Dec’s text, but now have been converted!

Let the san-serif fonts work away at your synapses like a wood-planer works away rough irregularities in wood.

Watch over and over, if necessary.



Worldwide, systematic comments from the computer god!

From the amazing Bento and Starchky site, comes Dec’s long-lost and legendary rant Astrocism: The True Religion of the Slovene People, beautifully annotated.



  1. Always nice to see more people who love the late, great Francis E. Dec, Esquire! Stop by my site if you’d like; it contains brand new rants by the man, such as “Astrocism: The TRUE Religion of the Slovene People”!




  2. I am already a member, Zer0, although a bad one, as I haven’t visited in some time!
    Good to hear from you and the Dec-olytes!
    Will stop by and pay homage.

  3. Hey, Chardman! Didn’t realize it was your blog! Didn’t say anywhere on this page (that I saw) who the proprietor was.

    Thanks! Hope you like the new rant!


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