Since I can’t keep my thoughts within the continuity of today’s reality…

November 5, 2008

…this video has triggered a weird string of thoughts and memories.

I once heard someone play some really ugly and dissonant, detuned guitar music by someone called The Purple Hands.

I don’t claim to be the most well educated person around with regards to hopelessly obscure music (that honor would go to friend and KBOO DJ Rolf Semprebon), but in 20-plus years, I have never, ever run across that band or its name again. Even at the time, I suspected that it was:
a) an elaborate prank by the DJ, in the hopes it would drive a music obsessive insane slowly over a twenty year interval.
b) The DJ’s own band, or perhaps the band of his brother-in-law, who re-plumbed his house for nothing.
c) something I merely think I remember.

But that Bert and Ernie video is pretty weird, all by itself.



  1. you know what’s i find even more weird, chardman? for the first time i hear ernie’s original voice! in germany they dub everything, everybody speaks german (maybe even barack hussein!). and you know what? i’ve seen many of the english muppet shows some time ago, and ernie speaks exactly like kermit – no wonder, given the fact that jim henson is the man behind both puppets, kchrchrchr… 8)

    lucky cheers

  2. LUCKY!
    so great to hear from you again!

    Yep. That’s Ernie.
    I would love to hear the German Muppets.
    Now I must go searching.

  3. They were probably high when they came up with this one.

    I remember seeing that in my youth.

    I don’t remember if all the clothing added was because of a purple hand though, seems like i might have thought he had a cold or something.

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