Michel Gagné on Words & Pictures

November 24, 2008

S.W. Conser gives us a heads-up on another fascinating episode on Words and Pictures:

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday November 25th) from 9:30 to 10am (PST),  Words & Pictures travels north to Bellingham to visit Canadian comics and animation conjurer Michel Gagné, whose work runs the gamut from the abstract jazz-inspired film Sensology to concept design for Disney and Pixar.  Gagné’s bewildering take on the Dark Knight for DC comics (Batman: Spore) infuriated traditional superhero fans, and his recently unveiled project Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet breaks the mold for computer-based gaming.

        “Words & Pictures” airs on KBOO community radio, 90.7fm, Not near a radio?  You can listen to the real-time webcast at http://kboo.fm/listen  And look for the webcast version on KBOO’s home page shortly after the show airs.
        For more info and links to recent webcasts, including the recent UPA retrospective special, visit  http://kboo.fm/WordsandPictures

Please do tune in. Conch and cohost Bill Dodge have some amazing interviews in the works and their archives are definitely worth perusing.


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