The iPod that Wouldn’t Die

The little iPod that wouldn't die
The little iPod that wouldn't die

I still can’t believe that I am still using my 2nd Gen iPod – with original battery, I might add – after all these years and trials and tribulations. I even bought it from a friend with the caveat that it was dropped hard on a concrete floor. It has outlasted the model that my friend Ralph – from whom I bought it – by at least two years (he is, by his own admission, very hard on gear).
I even counted it for dead last year and even sent it to the morgue, but it was sent back whirring and playing music again. It gives me the hard-drive hiccups every week or so, but always comes back to life. It has on occasion dumped a few hundred megs of recently added music and will often skip over a selected and displayed song to play the next sequential or randomly selected song but I accept that as part of its personality.
It’s a museum piece, now. I love showing it to newer iPod owners who can’t believe that their slim player evolved from this scratched and battered brick.
And what’s also amazing is how much usage I get out of it; I play it all night long (nearly nine hours of ambient drone on random play) every night and use it almost every hour of my extensive commuting. It probably helps that it’s almost always plugged into a power source, but I have recently gotten three and a half hours of play on the battery alone, which is amazing, considering the battery life woes of that model.

I don’t know if I would buy another too soon if this one finally died. They are pretty damn expensive and a luxury.
I will have to see if Ralph is ready to upgrade again and here’s hoping he doesn’t throw his current one at the floor in the interim, as I don’t think the current ones are nearly as robust.

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  1. that truly is amazing. when the battery finally DOES die, you should head to ipodjuice for their bateries as they have ones they guaranteed for ten years, whihc i gather might be close to what you got out of yours you lucky bastich…

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