RIP: Forrest J. Ackerman

Forry in the Ackermansion
Forry in the Ackermansion

I just now found out that Forrest J. Ackerman, creator of Famous Monsters of Filmland, writer and Esperanto advocate, has passed away on the 4th.

He was 92 years old and, up until very recently, still gave tours of his home and impressive collection of movie memorabilia to all comers.

Heck, he was even on MySpace, apparently manning the posts himself.

I discovered Famous Monsters in its waning days (mid-Seventies), but still devoured every page and breathlessly waited for the next issue.

I had always hoped to one day – if ever in the SoCal region long enough, make the appointment to tour The Ackermansion and meet the man whose humor and devotion to films both great and terrible made me want to write.

Here’s a link to a great audio interview with Forry from 2006, when he was a spry 90. He still had his droll wit and tells some amazing stories.

So long, Forry! We’re gonna miss you!

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