Trouser Press Tuesday 12/9

I thought about not posting this week’s random pick and doing another, due the subject being rather broad and not very obscure but you can always benefit from the original writing of TP. Besides, who am I to question the selection of The Oracle?
Here it is:

Neil Young (Reprise) 1968
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Reprise) 1969
After the Gold Rush (Reprise) 1970
Journey Through The Past (Reprise) 1972
Harvest (Reprise) 1972 (…more)

Dirty rock’n’roller-hippie narcissist. Rockabilly hepcat-techno troubadour. Folkie romantic-bluesy bad boy. Harmony supergroup sore thumb-beloved bandleader. Cultural analyst-grandfather of grunge. Neil Young has been all of these things and more in the course of an insanely prolific solo career. Though his output during the ’80s was particularly erratic, he has never stopped placing personal expression before commercial success or the need to accommodate expectations. As a result, through all his unpredictability, Young is never (well, hardly ever) boring, and that’s a state of grace few veteran musicians can claim. Holding to his lyrical axiom that it’s better to burn out than fade away, Young is one of the few oldtimers to make real peace with punk-rockers half his age, finding rejuvenation and comradeship in their fountain of wild youth. Virtually alone among his generation, Young has never given up an iota of his intensity or faltered in the ability and inclination to pulverize eardrums with furious energy. (If anything, he’s turned up.)

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