Kill Ugly Radio Show 12-12-08

December 13, 2008

Last night’s set featuring a lot of DJ Spooky and Richard H. Kirk and F.M. Einheit in the first half, with The Weatherman’s live feed from Seattle dominating the last half, mixed with various nuttiness.
Many nice calls, even one from The Weatherman himself, who played a lot of outdoor noise from his house, some police scanner radio sounds and even got on the mic a few times to tell us what he was doing.
I also played a huge chunk of the new album by The Orb, entitled The Dream by request.

Play show (2 hours, 35 mins.)

Download (2 hours, 35 mins., 141 megs. @ 128kbps)
Right click and ‘Save as’ or ‘Open in new tab…’ to play in web browser.

Rush transcript (not entirely accurate, especially towards the end)
DJ Spooky – Moby – Under the Influence
DJ Spooky – Future Sound of London – Under the Influence
DJ Spooky – Emergency Broadcast Network – Under the Influence
DJ Spooky – vs  The Dub Pistols – Under the Influence
Biochemical Dread – Zanderix – Bush Doctrine
Richard H. Kirk – November X-Ray – Virtual State
Biochemical Dread – North America and Canada – Bush Doctrine
Biochemical Dread – Zero Democracy Dub – Bush Doctrine
The Weatherman – The sounds of rain from outside his house
F.M. Einheit – The Race – Sensation Death
Ammers/Einheit – Ulrike Meinhoff Paradise – Deutsche Krieger
Ich Will Musik – Blaine L. Reininger – Glossolalia
Lydia Lunch – Atomic Bongos – Queen of Siam
Severed Heads – Now, an Explosive New Movie – City Slab Horror
Marc Ribot and Ceramic Dog – For Malena – Party Intellectuals
Dj Cheb I Sabbah – Esh ‘Dani, Alash Mshit – La Kahena
The Orb – The Dream – The Dream
Walter Murch – THX-1138 Soundtrack
The Weatherman – Police scanner sounds
Laibach – LaibachKunstDerFuge
DJ Spooky – Raymond Scott/IBM – Sound Unbound
F.M. Einheit – Requiem Für Eine Totgeweihte – Sensation Death
F.M. Einheit – Death Row (Reprise) – Sensation Death
F.M. Einheit – Adieu Partner – Sensation Death
F.M. Einheit – Kompositionsspiel – Sensation Death
DJ Spooky – Steve Reich – Sound Unbound
Cabaret Voltaire – DTs/Cold Turkey – Johnny Yesno soundtrack
Conet Project – Gong Station/Phonetic Alphabet
The Orb – Lost & Found – The Dream
The Orb – The Forest Of Lyonesse – The Dream
The Orb – Katskills – The Dream
The Orb – High Noon – The Dream
The Orb – Sleeping Tiger & The Gods Unknown – The Dream
Starlight Children’s Chorus – E.T., I Love You & Other Extra-Terrestrial Songs For Children

And after that, all bets are off…
My show bled into The Outside World, due to us not wanting to terminate all the audio streaming out of The Weatherman’s house (thanks, Daniel!). I think it all went over for another 30 to 40 minutes and I didn’t keep track of what I was playing. I just left it all up to chance.



  1. Great show, bro! I wish I’d heard it live. What was the track playing over the ET song? Was that The Orb new stuff?

    That’s my favorite of your shows so far.

  2. I think it may have been The Orb, but I think by that point, the next DJ Daniel had thrown on the new Twink CD.
    Who know?! There were at least three CDs going on at a time and then The Weatherman’s feed had digital delay going one, which made his stuff pretty trippy.

  3. Woah, I just rediscovered this show in a dark & dusty corner of a hard drive. It was recommended to me around the time it originally went out, by a mate here in the UK… I’d forgotten just how good it is. 2 and a half hours of what can only be described as aural sex. Fantastic stuff, sounds as good now as it ever did. Nuff respec’, and other phrases I can’t use properly. *grin*

  4. Thanks, Stu H! Glad you liked it! That was a fun, amazing night. Lots of radio magic just randomly happening.
    Thanks for listening and commenting!

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